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Guitar Summit 2019 - Flamenco course
19-20 July 2019

Flamenco course with Juan Martín

This Flamenco Guitar course by Juan Martín will be based on his own bespoke teaching materials and is suitable for guitarists of various levels who have either played some flamenco before or guitarists of other styles wishing to learn about flamenco. 

Course tutor:
Juan Martín

Juan will cover the main styles of flamenco from soleá to alegrias and bulerias as well as the rumba and ‘toques libres’ (free styles) like granaina and tarantas. In the techniques, Juan Martin will cover the necessary techniques including various types of ‘rasgueados’ (broadly – strumming) arpeggios, picado and the flamenco tremolo. Juan Martín will help each student to achieve the ideal left and right hand playing positions to play the flamenco guitar as well as the correct sitting and back posture to play with power and avoid strain and stress injuries.

Juan also will be performing in concert on 21st July.

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