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Guitar Summit 2019
18 July 2019
Kings Place Hall ONE 7:30pm
Stanley Jordan, extraordinary jazz guitarist, pianist and singer
Stanley Jordan is one of the world’s outstanding and most distinctive guitarists. His unique style is based on his astonishing mastery of a special technique: instead of conventional strumming and picking, Jordan’s innovative ‘touch technique’ is an advanced form of two-handed tapping. Stanley’s fluid, multi-layered textures and sheer virtuosity raises the bar for excellence. But his technique, though impressive, is always a means to a musical end. His music is imbued with a warmth and sensitivity that has captured the imagination of listeners worldwide. He was initially trained as a classical pianist and he will play that instrument as well in tonight’s performance, sometimes at the same time (!) as the guitar. A unique experience and a rare London appearance of this fantastic artist.

Tickets £39.50-£9.50 (savers)

A rare opportunity
Stanley is also an inspiring teacher and we can offer you the very rare opportunity to attend a 2-day course given by him, assisted by Dario Cortese.


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