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IGF's Bath Summer School 2019
6-11 August 2019

The IGF summer school and festival returns to its spiritual home in Bath in the wonderful setting of Bath Spa University with its much improved, state of the art facilities

2019 courses:

Jazz with
Gianluca Corona

This is for Jazz lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Typical chord and scale usage will be covered as well as improvisational approaches involving rhythmic ideas and use of dynamics. The repertoire will cover various decades in jazz, touching upon blues, bebop and cool, fusion and latin.

Technique level: 3/5
Theory level: 3/5

TOP 40 AND FUNK with

This is for guitarists in bands or planning to be in one; typical technique/theoretical/repertoire topics that will make you a better team player. From picking approaches to band relevant chord voicings, pentatonic/Dorian/Mixolydian harmony to honing rhythm chops and being a tasty soloist, this course will cover typical top 40 chart repertoire from funk to rock, ballads to pop jazz.

Technique level: 2/5
Theory level: 2/5

Blues Songs with
Neville Marten

The aim fo this course is to cover a range of blues tunes from classic to more modern. Students will be contacted for song suggestions that will then create a shortlist for the week’s tuition. Licks, riffs, chords, pentatonic vocabulary and string bending/vibrato will feature but the onus is on great blues songs that everyone will know and enjoy playing. If you can sing and/or play bass too, even better!

Technique level: 2/5
Theory level: 2/5

Acoustic with
Stuart Ryan

This course will explore the world of fingerstyle guitar taking you through approaches to arranging and performing in traditional and Celtic styles. Fingerpicking techniques, chord voicings, arpeggio patterns, use of harmonics and exploring different tunings will all factor with some time spent on song accompaniment.

Technique level: 2/5
Theory level: 2/5

Rock with 
Jon Bishop

This course will cover many of the main components that rock guitarists use ranging from scales and picking techniques to string bending and use of harmonics. For the more adventurous, tapping, legato and sweep picking will also be covered. Throughout the week, lots of riffs and songs will be covered.

Technique level: 2/5
Theory level: 2/5

Jump Blues
with Chris Corcoran

Referencing the big sound of 40’s & 50’s R&B guitar, this course will give a fresh perspective on how to add drive, style and invention to the modern Blues guitarist’s canon of licks. Covering the unique talents of T-Bone Walker, Bill Jennings and BB King plus many lesser know but equally distinctive players. Studying these past masters will help to uncover a treasure trove of ideas for today’s guitarists. Two/three pieces will be considered for the Saturday night student concert.

Technique level: 2/5
Theory level: 2/5

Gypsy Jazz masterclass with
John Wheatcroft

** Special additional event **

Weds 7th Aug, 4-6pm

This will look at a selection of licks, lines, concepts and techniques taken directly from the master, Django Reinhardt. Integrating these ideas into your own playing will be a focus as well as personalising each phrase and concept, using each device in a number of expressive and unique ways. From a technique perspective, the fundamentals of rest-stroke picking, using the correct chord shapes for the genre and the crucial ‘pompe’ rhythm will feature prominently.


John will also perform in a special conert at the Michael Tippet Centre.

Technique level: All levels welcome

These 2 events are free to full course participants.
Tickets for non course participants are £20, please book by clicking the button below.

Booking is now closed, we wish all participating students a successful and enjoyable course.

Technique and theory levels are rated from 1 (beginner) through to 5 (advanced). They can be considered from the perspective of electric guitar grade levels (grade 1 = level 1, grade 8 = level 4/5) or from years playing/studying (level 1 = 1 or 2 years, level 5 = 10 years+). The levels listed for each course are what an average student would be expected to have; most courses will go a little below and a little above these levels, depending on the abilities of students attending.

All bookings are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise by IGF and supported by an authorised doctor’s or declaration of incapacity as a result of illness.


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