IGF Bath Summer School – Top 40 and funk with Jason Sidwell


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About the tutor

Jason Sidwell – MA, BA Hons, ALCM
Jason has been an active performer and tutor for nearly 30 years. He has been senior tuition editor for Guitar Techniques, Guitarist and Total Guitar since 2003 where he has commissioned, edited, and written over 20,000 educational articles. He has performed in Europe, Middle East and Hong Kong, hosted various UK academy masterclasses, written tutorials for The Observer and The Guardian newspapers and the book, How To Play Guitar Step By Step (Dorling Kindersley). He has recorded with virtuosos such as Paul Gilbert, Brett Garsed, Allen Hinds, Nick Johnston and Andy Timmons. The majority of his playing/recording now is focused on theatre work (Nigel Havers through to Kerry Ellis!), solo guitar performances, funk rock bands and library/console gaming music.

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