IGF Young Artist Platform (YAP) Auditions

IGF YAP aims to help young guitarists in the critical phase between the final stages of music education and the concert platform.

Applications for the IGF Young Artist Platform are open to guitarists up to and including 30 years of age. We accept applications from soloists and from ensembles which include guitar.

To apply please send an email to maia@igf.org.uk which includes:

  • a short CV which includes details of your music education (conservatoire, music school etc.)
  • proof of date of birth (such as a birth certificate, passport, driving licence)

The next auditions will be held in August–September 2022 in front of a panel of experts.

Applications close at the beginning of August 2022.

At the audition, you will play a programme of 10 minutes of your own choice. You will also need to submit three sample programmes of 45 minutes (these do not have to consist of music you currently play); each programme needs to include at least one piece from the IGF List of Commissioned works (on this IGF website under the NEW MUSIC button at the top of the page).

If successful, you will be offered concerts at IGF festivals in the 2022/23 season as well as mentoring and workshops in a range of subjects. IGF commissions new music especially for the YAP programme and you will be expected to play a minimum of two new pieces, one at London Guitar Festival in October 2022 and a second one in spring/summer 2023, and we will also expect you to learn one additional new piece from the IGF repertoire list of commissioned work during the 2022/23 season.