International Guitar Foundation and Festivals, better known as IGF, is a charitable organisation dedicated to the guitar, its players, and its music. It was founded in 1993 and achieved charitable status in May 1994. We focus primarily upon:

– promoting festivals, concert series, workshops, outreach, summer schools and community outreach

– creating new music

– advancing the opportunities available for new players

– developing audiences for guitar music, throughout the UK and especially in the north east.

We create a high-quality repertoire for guitar and guitar with other instruments by commissioning new work from leading music creators, from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. We disseminate this new work to audiences via performances, workshops, recording projects and internet-based distribution. This mixture of approaches is designed to allow us to develop and sustain the widest possible audience.

We create opportunities for young players by providing performance platforms, workshops, professional advice and the highest quality training available. We also involve young guitarists in the creation and performance of our new commissioned music.

We also present a host of international talent, bringing many players, both established and emerging, for the first time to the UK.

Our work is defined by Listen.Play.Create

Listen: performance

Play: education

Create: new music



Festivals and concert series around the UK, including the North East Guitar Festival, Bath Guitar Festival & Summer School, London Guitar Festival, IGF Guitar Summit and Guitar in London



Including the IGF Summer school, our Young Artist and Aspire Platforms, outreach programmes in the community, workshops, Q&As and lectures.


New Music

Extensive Commissioning programme of new work for guitar, the IGF repertoire list of new commissions and neglected work, recordings and publications.

The guitar is the most popular instrument with young people, because of its versatility to play every style of music, being portable and relatively affordable. It is the ultimate instrument of diversity and accessibility: no other instrument reaches as many different people as easily as the guitar.

We want to change people’s lives with the guitar and reach as many people as possible.

This why our work is multi stylistic, encompassing every style of music such as classical, flamenco, jazz, rock, blues, world, folk, fingerstyle and, besides guitar, includes other plucked instruments such as lute, oud, ukulele, sitar, banjo, mandolin as well featuring bands, ensembles of every kind, vocal groups and orchestras.

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Registered Charity no. 1050109

Non-profit company no. 02932317