18-22 August 2020

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Join us at the new IGF LIVE Online Summer School!
18-22 August 2020

Unfortunately, our planned Bath Summer School and Festival was postponed by Bath Spa University to 17-22 August 2021 as a result of the Coronavirus emergency. IGF is delighted to offer students an alternative in 2020 with our new online summer school.

We present an amazingly rich and varied programme packed with all the guitar things you always wanted to know and be able to play!

There are seven tutors presenting eight different styles, with sessions devoted to technique, theory, repertoire & songs and 10 exciting licks every day. You can choose from two different options each day.

In addition, each student will have the opportunity to have a 30 min one-on-one lesson with one of our fantastic tutors, each of them leading musicians in their field and well-known contributors to Guitar Techniques, Guitarist and Total Guitar magazines. This is a unique opportunity to get bespoke tuition from a master guitarist addressing your very personal guitar needs!

See below for a full schedule of the week.

We will provide you with course materials in advance, including TAB music and MP3 files, so you can prepare for the course. The tutors’ presentations will be recorded and made available to you after each session so you can go over the material as often as you like.

There is also is a social element, with chat rooms, Q&A sessions and an end of course concert.

Our pricing is kept very low despite the quality and reputation of our tutors and IGF events. We feel that in these difficult times the guitar will bring us together and make us feel alive!


£220 – Full week, plus one 30 min one-to-one lesson
£75 – one day, plus one 30 min one-to-one lesson
£140 – two days, plus one 30 min one-to-one lesson

In addition to the daily classes each student will receive a 30-minute one-to-one lesson. You can sign up for this by listing your three tutor preferences. We will then allocate a tutor on a first-come first-served basis. You can give your preferences on the Checkout page before payment.

See you at the IGF Live Online Summer School!


attending the IGF Live Online Summer School may seriously improve your playing!

The Classes in more detail:

Ability level ratings:

level 1 – playing for less than 4 years (beginner)
level 2 – playing for at least 4 years (upper beginner/lower intermediate)
level 3 – playing for more than 6 years (upper intermediate)

The levels listed for each course are what an average student would be expected to have, so consider them approximations; most courses will go a little below and/or a little above these levels, depending on the abilities of students attending.

All classes will come with PDF music which will be sent out before the start of the summer school as well as song mp3 audio files.

Acoustic Songs with
Chris Quinn

This class will focus on roots-based music, ranging from folk to blues songs.
You will study guitar techniques used by some of the greats of popular songwriting and also touch on useful fingerstyle methods and open tunings. Expect to look at British guitarists like Martin Simpson, Bert Jansch and Dick Gaughan through to American musicians like Doc Watson, Robert Johnson and Merle Travis.

Technique level: 1/2
Theory level: 1/2


Modern Blues with
Gianluca Corona

This will give a fresh perspective on how to add drive, style and invention to the blues. The course gives tips to hone your own playing including a nod to the likes of ‪Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and Gary Moore. Studying past masters like these will help to uncover a treasure trove of ideas for today’s guitarists.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2


Blues Songs with
Neville Marten

The aim for this class is to cover a range of blues tunes from classic to more modern. Students will be contacted for song suggestions that will then create a shortlist for the class to explore. Licks, riffs, chords, pentatonic vocabulary and string bending/vibrato will feature but the onus is on great blues songs that everyone will know and enjoy playing. If you can sing and/or play bass too, even better!

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2


Top 40 and funk with
Jason Sidwell

This class is for guitarists that are in bands or are planning to be in one; we will cover typical technique/theoretical/repertoire topics that will make you a better team player. From picking approaches to band relevant chord voicings, pentatonic/Dorian/Mixolydian harmony to honing funky rhythm chops and being a tasty soloist, this course will cover typical top 40 chart repertoire from Nile Rodgers funk to Nuno Bettencourt rock, Luther Vandross ballads to Steely Dan pop jazz.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2


70’s Rock and Indie Rock with
Jon Bishop

This class will cover many of the main components that guitarists use, ranging from scales and chord riffing through to string bending and use of harmonics. Lots of classic rock and indie riffs will be looked at with iconic songs from bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Oasis.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2


Modern Rock with
Tolis Zavaliaris

This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about rock from the 80s and beyond. The focus will be on relevant techniques, from picking to legato, and on stunning guitar players to improve and supercharge your rock guitar playing. Guitarists covered will range from Randy Rhoads to Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen to Steve Vai.

Technique level: 2/3
Theory level: 2/3


Jazz with
Gianluca Corona

This class will cover the basics (extended chords, simple diatonic licks, swing feel, blues) through to more advanced concepts and devices (chord substitution, modal phrasing, outside playing). Well-known artists like Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass will be featured as well as more contemporary players such as John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Tim Miller and Scott Henderson.

Technique level: 2/3
Theory level: 2/3


Gypsy Jazz with
John Wheatcroft

This class will help to get your playing ‘campfire jam’ ready, with a hands on look at the fundamentals of this inclusive and engaging style – from using the correct chords and mastering ‘La Pompe’ to adding authentic licks and lines, delivering melodies with authority and improvising your own solos against a selection of popular progressions and complete tunes from this idiom. Django Reinhardt is the master of this style but Biréli Lagrène, Stochelo Rosenberg and Adrien Moignard will be covered too.

Technique level: 2/3
Theory level: 2/3


IGF Online Class Schedule


How do I Participate2020-06-16T13:59:04+00:00

As the School is Online, all courses will be via Zoom.

Please Click Here to view the Guide.

How do I choose my Tutor for my 30 min one-to-one lesson2020-06-15T11:43:41+00:00

We are delighted to offer you, in addition to the online classes, one 30 min 1-to-1 private lesson with a tutor of your choice.

At the last stage of the Checkout process, under Additional Information you will be able to give us three choices of tutor and we will aim to accommodate in order of preference.

I am coming just for 1 or 2 days, how do I let you know which ones.2020-06-15T11:46:28+00:00

As you have choosen the 1 or 2 Days option,

At the last stage of the Checkout process, under Additional Information you can let us know which day(s) you would like to attend please. If you are coming for 2 days, When choosing the two days in the week, they do not have to be consecutive.

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