Bath Guitar Festival
and Summer School


Bookings are now closed for Bath Summer School 2022. See you next year! 


There is around five hours’ tuition a day, and in the evening from 8pm we have a jam session where students play, accompanied by our house drummer and bassist. There may also be some concerts which will be announced nearer the time, and the course will end with the student concert.

Daily schedule:

A typical day looks like this:
Breakfast 9am, courses start at 10am, lunch break 12.30-1.30pm, courses from 2.30 until 6pm, dinner at 6pm, from 8pm until late jamming or concert.

Ability levels:

Technique and theory levels are rated from 1 (beginner) through to 5 (advanced). They can be considered from the perspective of electric guitar grade levels (grade 1 = level 1, grade 8 = level 4/5) or from years playing/studying (level 1 = 1 or 2 years, level 5 = 10 years+). The levels listed for each course are what an average student would be expected to have; most courses will go a little below and a little above these levels, depending on the abilities of students attending. Most courses have a basic setting of levels 2/3.


Tuition: £475
Accommodation: £499

The Courses

Acoustic Songs with
Chris Quinn

This course focuses on roots based music, ranging from folk to blues songs. You will study guitar techniques used by some of the greats of popular songwriting and also touch on useful fingerstyle methods and open tunings.

Technique level: 1/2
Theory level: 1/2

Jump Blues with
Chris Corcoran

Referencing the big sound of ‘40s & ‘50s R&B and Jump Blues guitar, this course will give a fresh perspective on how to add drive, style and invention. Licks, riffs and phrases will be covered as well as the styles of guitarists like T-Bone Walker, Lonnie Johnson, Tiny Grimes and Barney Kessel.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2

Blues Songs with
Neville Marten

The aim for this course is to cover a range of blues tunes from classic to more modern. The onus is on great blues songs that everyone will know and enjoy playing. Guitarists of every level will be able to join in, whether you can improvise full solos or just play chords and a few licks.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2

Top 40 and funk with
Jason Sidwell

This course is for guitarists that desire strong abilities to suit being in a band. This will include picking approaches and band relevant chord voicings to modes for soloing and exciting repertoire analysis with a bias towards funk and RnB legends like Chic, James Brown and Michael Jackson.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2

’70s Rock and Indie Rock with
Jon Bishop

This class will cover many of the main components that guitarists use, ranging from scales and chord riffing through to string bending and use of harmonics. Lots of classic rock and indie riffs will be looked at with iconic songs from bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Oasis.

Technique level: 2
Theory level: 2

Modern Rock with
James Hunt

This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about rock from the 80s and beyond. The focus will be on relevant techniques, from picking to legato, and on stunning guitar players to improve and supercharge your rock guitar playing. Guitarists covered will range from Randy Rhoads to Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen to Steve Vai.

Technique level: 2/3
Theory level: 2/3

Jazz with
Gianluca Corona

This class will cover the basics (extended chords, simple diatonic licks, swing feel, blues) through to more advanced concepts and devices (chord substitution, modal phrasing, outside playing). Well-known artists like Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass will be featured as well as more contemporary players such as John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Tim Miller and Scott Henderson.

Technique level: 2/3
Theory level: 2/3

Gypsy Jazz with
John Wheatcroft

This class will help to get your playing ‘campfire jam’ ready, with a hands on look at the fundamentals of this inclusive and engaging style – from using the correct chords and mastering ‘La Pompe’ to adding authentic licks and lines, delivering melodies with authority and improvising your own solos against a selection of popular progressions and complete tunes from this idiom. Django Reinhardt is the master of this style but Biréli Lagrène, Stochelo Rosenberg and Adrien Moignard will be covered too.

Technique level: 2/3
Theory level: 2/3