A key objective of IGF is the creation and performance of high-quality new work for solo guitar and guitar in a variety of ensemble settings including guitar concertos.

We are the leading organisation for new music for guitar in Europe having commissioned 97 new works for guitar from leading composers and promoted 253 premieres of new music for guitar. We have promoted festivals and concert series devoted to new music for guitar since 1994.

Our new music programme has commissioned both established and emerging composers including Sergio Assad, Paolo Bellinati, Charlotte Bray, Léo Brouwer, Philip Cashian, Laurence Crane, Joe Cutler, Graham Fitkin, Tim Garland, Stephen Goss, Deirdre Gribbin, Gabriel Jackson, Graham Lynch, Anna Meredith, John Metcalfe, Edward McGuire, Michael Parsons, Alwynne Pritchard, Max Richter, Terry Riley, Howard Skempton, Giles Swayne, Joby Talbot, Kevin Volans and Errollyn Wallen.

IGF’s programme for new music in 2020 includes the following elements:

  • – New music commissions.
  • – Performances at IGF festivals around the UK, particularly in London, the south west and north east.
  • – Workshops and lectures supporting this new work.
  • – Young Artist Platform (YAP).

Project Background, Need & Aims

Although the guitar is firmly embedded in the UK’s musical culture and the most popular instrument in schools, new quality work for the instrument is almost completely lacking.

The UK musical establishment has neglected the guitar almost completely and organisations such as festivals, concert series, orchestras and the BBC have failed to commission much if any new work for guitar.

IGF has been filling this void for 22 years with commissions, performances, workshops and recordings.

To sustain the programme younger generations of first rank guitarists and composers must also take up the mantle and continue to create and perform new work into the future. To that end we have set up young artist programmes for performers and composers. For the same reason we also promote a comprehensive schedule of workshops, lectures, discussion panels and mentoring.

For more information on our work with new music, please have a look at the following link.

New Music Commissions
IGF Commissions List