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IGF’s Young Artist Platform (YAP)



IGF’s YAP offers a unique opportunity for young guitarists in the early stages of their concert career.

The Young Artist Platform candidates for 2016 are Renata Arlotti, Andrea Gonzalez Caballero, Kevin Loh and Giacomo Susani.


Renata Arlotti

Renata Arlotti was born in Italy and began studying classical guitar in her home town of Sassari, before continuing in Milan under the guidance of Professor Lorenzo Micheli. She continued her studies with a Bachelors Degree at the Conservatoire de la Vallée d’Aoste, graduating in 2011 with highest honours.

In 2013 she graduated at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, in the class of Lorenzo Micheli with a Masters in performance. In the same year she was invited to play at the XVIII meeting of the International Conference on Guitar in Alexandria. In 2013 she was admitted to the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, where she is currently attending a Masters Course in performance with Professor Michael Lewin.


Andrea Gonzales Caballero

Andrea Gonzalez Caballero is considered one of the rising stars of Spanish guitar, a fact which her concert career reflects. She gave her first concert at the age of eight and has since been performing regularly worldwide.

Andrea began studying guitar at the age of seven with Ana Maria Caballero at the Andres Eguiguren music school in Eibar. In 2010 she began her studies in the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory where she finished her bachelor degree under the tutelage of the world renowned guitarist and teacher, Joaquin Clerch, where she is currently pursuing a master’s degree.


Kevin Loh

Kevin Loh, recipient of the 2010 HSBC Youth Excellence Award for Musical Excellence, was talent scouted by The Yehudi Menuhin School via his YouTube Channel when he was 12 and was awarded a grant by The Rolling Stones to study at the prestigious music school.

Since then, his extraordinary musicality has won him international accolades. In 2012, Kevin took first prize at the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Youth Competition. In 2013 he premiered Bernard Tan’s Guitar Concerto with Singapore Symphony Orchestra. In 2014, he was awarded the first prize at Andres Segovia International Youth Guitar Competition in Germany, amongst fifty participants from more than thirty countries. Kevin has also played in international guitar festivals, such as the Malaysia, Calcutta & New Delhi International Classical Guitar Festivals.


Giacomo Susani

Giacomo Susani was born in Padua, Italy in 1995. He studied at the Music Conservatoire ‘Arrigo Pedrollo’ in Vicenza under the direction of Stefano Grondona, where he graduated with honours and special mention in July 2013. At the same Conservatoire he studied Composition.

In 2014 he enrolled at the third year of the Undergraduate program at the Royal Academy of Music in London in the class of Michael Lewin where he has been awarded the prestigious ‘Julian Bream Trust Scholarship’, an honour that still supports him in his current year of study. At the same institute he also continues his activity as a composer. In February 2016 he premiered his own Quintet for guitar and strings.


IGF look forward to working with all four of these talented young guitarists this season and we hope you will join us at their performances as they embark on their professional concert careers. 


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