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La Leona: Women and the Guitar
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Newbury-based composer Florence Anna Maunders is also a performer, writer, educator and conductor. Florence studied at the RNCM with Anthony Gilbert, Robin Walker and Adam Gorb before abandoning composition for teaching, arranging, electronic dance music production and performance. In 2018, she placed composition back in a central role, and has since won international prizes and awards, worked with leading ensembles and soloists and had her music performed throughout the world.

Her compositions are deeply influenced by sounds from outside the contemporary classical mainstream, in particular, the rhythms and effects of electronic dance music, such as dub step and drum ‘n’ bass, rubbing up against ancient chant, jazz-derived harmonies and the folk music of the Middle East. Her music often pulses with a sense of dance, which immediately resonates with audiences, despite the Music’s eclectic references and bizarre juxtapositions.

Her recent work includes collaborations with Red Note Ensemble, PRISM Ensemble, Willingdon House Music, PercussionLab, the GBSR Duo, the Ligeti Quartet, The Diversity Project and Ensemble Assonance, as well as the soloists Debbie Fuller, Aimee Johnson, and Christine Hoerning.

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